CS-Cart Maintenance and Upgrades

What does maintaining and updating a website mean?

The internet is constantly evolving and websites need to evolve with it. With a CS-Cart maintenance plan with us, we can ensure that your website is kept up to date with the latest CS-Cart release as well as best coding practices.

We will regularly log into your site and perform an audit of the site and then perform any updates that are required from security updates to full version updates to the CS-Cart core.

What this means is that your site runs at it’s optimal speed and function and in turn will provide your users with the best possible experience when accessing your site.


Maintenance and Support Plans

One off upgrade

This is for a one off security upgrade with a valid licence from CS-Cart
$ 199
  • Update to the most recent version of CS-Cart
  • Troubleshoot compatability issues
  • Touch up design changes from update

Ongoing monthly support

Monthly update and support
$ 50* per month
  • Manage and maintain CS-Cart version
  • Run monthly backups of installation
  • Ensure site is secure

Why do I need one of these plans?

Even when a site is programmed with the highest level of care there can still be loopholes, back doors that hackers can exploit and corrupt your data.

The developers at CS-Cart are constantly updating and patching these holes. Without regular updates, these holes become known to potential hackers and remain open to them.

They also release updates and improvements to their platform. You can see the most recent updates here

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