CS-Cart Shipping Connections

What can a shipping connection do?

A shipping connection or ‘method’ can do a number of things which range from simple shipping estimation to shipment tracking and processing. Connecting to your shipping provider can be very cost effective as you won’t have to worry about processing shipping labels, calculating costs or even submitting a package for pickup.

With this type of connection you can also have live shipping quotes so your customers can query how much it will cost for the delivery of their product.

A shipping extension is the perfect way to make the last step in your selling process a whole lot easier.

What do I do if I'm organizing my own shipping?

If your not using a 3rd party provider and sending your product in your own trucks then don’t worry, CS-Cart still has you covered. We can help you configure ans customise your instalation to work for your services. We can even connect it to your warehouse software to automatically transfer orders to your warehouse. Get into contact with us today to see how we can strategise with you to find teh best solution for your buiness.

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